I Pledge Allegiance...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is a continuation of my last post from Washington DC. I've always thought flags have been an interesting subject to photograph. You could take a picture every second and the picture would be completely different as long as there is some kind of wind blowing. What better place to find lots of flags then the nation's capitol. Here are some variations that I took.


Perfect Timing

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last weekend I took a trip to Washington DC for a much needed vacation. I was hoping to get to a bunch of museums and all the monuments, but one of the biggest snowstorms in DC history put a stop to that. The entire city was pretty much shut down. Museums, Restaurants, stores, all closed up for the weekend. Although I didn't come away with as many photos as I had hoped, here's some I did come away with.

Yep. That's the White House. In the blizzard. And that was only the early part of the storm.

The next day. Big difference after the storm passed. You can actually see things.

The Treasury building. After the snow stopped falling, the next day, there must've been at least 10-15 people shoveling a walkway to the door.

We were even closer to the Washington Monument in the blizzard and we had no idea.

The sign that the snowman is holding says, "Global Warming" with a big slash through it.

I just thought this was a cool looking sign.

Who doesn't love icicles? Just don't get your tongue stuck when you try to lick them!

People attempting to cross country ski in front of the monument. Kinda wierd...?

Lincoln Memorial. We didn't actually make it that far!

Check back soon for my next post. I took quite a bit of flag pictures.


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