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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Film: In The Literal Sense

Finally put my new(old) Mamiya 645 (see picture on right) to the test. I've always loved shooting film, but it's just so freaking expensive. So I figured, if I'm gonna do it, go big right? For those that don't know, my Mamiya is considered Medium Format, which means a larger negative than your standard 35mm. More surface area = more details. You get the "picture".


 They say pictures last a lifetime, but is that really true in the digital age? How long til your CD or USB drives are outdated. Remember Zip Drives?? Floppys?? Exactly.  
My grandfather (on right in above photo) is 96 1/2 and I have negatives, still in great condition, he shot in the 1930s. That's over 80 years ago! This is why I will be making it a point to try and shoot as much film in the future as possible. Let's preserve our memories!


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